Congratulations Christopher Craciun! Class of 2020

Christopher Craciun – Graduate of 2020 – “Axente Sever High School” in Medias, Romania

Chris moved from parents’ home in Huntingtown MD, to a small town in Medias Romania, in his junior year to follow his dream to attend a Soccer Academy and High School.  He had been living on his own (away from the family in Bucharest) since the summer of 2018, when he was just 16 years old.  He showed that he is a very responsible young man, learning how to live on a low budget and overcome the challenges of studying in Romanian and learning to leave in the new culture and surroundings.

Proud parents although, they cannot be there given the travel situation, they are cheering for him as he is taking his Baccalaureate exams to enter University and continue his soccer career in Romania.