2019 UMA Board of Directors Nominations Sought

Beginning October 1st the UMA will begin seeking nominations for volunteers to fill the Board of Directors positions for 2019.  The UMA needs caring volunteers who are willing to serve on the UMA Board.

The purpose of this post is to outline how the elections will take place and to request nominations from interested members who are willing to volunteer on the Board of Directors.

 General information about the Board:

  1. The Board of Directors consists of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and up to nine Representatives-at-large, to include one who serves as the UMA Historian, who serve a one-year term (January – December). Members of the Board must full members of the UMA in good standing at the time of their election and while serving on the Board.Prior military experience is not required. 
  2. A full member in good standing is defined as a current UMA dues-paying USPTO government employee. Associate Membership in the USPTO Military Association is open to anyone not eligible for Full Membership who supports the mission and goals of the UMA. Associate members are not eligible to serve on the Board of Directors.
  3. In accordance with the USPTO’s Voluntary Employee Organization Policy, members of the Board of Directors may be granted one hour of duty time per month to conduct/attend meetings of the organization’s governing body.

General overview on how the election will work: 

Any Full Member in good standing may nominate one or more qualified candidates for President, Vice President, Secretary, and Representative-at-large positions. The Secretary will accept nominations beginning on October 1.

  1. Each Regional Office is allotted one (1) out of the nine (9) Representative-at-large position on the Board of Directors. Each Regional Office is entitled to select one representative-at-large. Regional Office Representative-at-large positions will be elected in accordance with above procedures. In the case a Regional Office Representative-at-large position does not receive a nomination, the Board of Directors will have the discretion to fill the vacant slot with a two-third majority vote during the first meeting of the Board in January.
  2. Self-nominations are acceptable and encouraged.
  3. Any full member in good standing may self-nominate or nominate other candidates via email to UMA@USPTO.GOV from October 1-14.
  4. The Secretary will inform candidates that are not self-nominated that they have been nominated for a position. Each person accepting a nomination must respond with written consent (email is acceptable) to the Secretary. If the nominee desires to hold office, written consent must be sent to the Secretary by the third Thursday in October (10/18/18).
  5. The candidate must submit by email a personal statement –no more than 100 words — informing the membership why the nominee should be elected to the Board and identifying any experience the nominee may have.  A personal picture is optional, but encouraged.
  6. The Secretary will compile a list of candidates that have accepted a nomination and distribute it to the membership. By the second Tuesday in November (11/13/18), the Secretary will send all members in good standing an electronic ballot.  Votes are due NLT third Tuesday in November (11/20/18).
  7. Absentee or early voting is allowed either by proxy or in writing in coordination with the Secretary.
  8. The Secretary will tally the votes and submit the results to the Board members NLT December 5th.
  9. The candidates receiving the highest number of votes for each office shall be declared elected. In case of a tie vote, the outgoing Board of Directors shall elect one of the candidates.
  10. The Board will certify the results during the December Monthly Board Meeting .
  11. The 2018 Board will be announced and sworn in at the final UMA Quarterly meeting.

Timeline for elections 

– October 1-14: Nominations accepted via email at UMA@USPTO.GOV.

– October 18:  Candidates must notify the Secretary that they accept the nomination along with 100 word personal statement. Personal picture is optional, but encouraged.

– November 13-20: Voting window.  Coordinate with the Secretary for absentee voting.

– December 5: Results submitted to the Board.

– December Board Meeting: Board certifies the results.

– December Quarterly Meeting: Board is announced and sworn in at the final quarterly meeting.


Please review the UMA Charter and Bylaws for more details.