2018 UMA Annual Award Nominees Sought

Awards are selected from recommendations received from UMA full members in good standing and decided on by the members of the UMA Board of Directors. A “full member in good standing” is a UMA dues-paying current USPTO employee.

1. Award Nomination Procedures:
a. Send an email to UMA@uspto.gov
b. Place “Annual Award Nomination” in the subject line.
c. Use the following format:
• Name of Nominee:
• Award Requested (President, Fellowship, Mentorship, Advocacy, Special, Volunteer):
• Reason for Nomination (short write up):

2. Level of Awards:
a. President’s Award – This important distinction is given each year to someone who exemplify UMA’s mission to provide fellowship, mentorship, and advocacy for military Veterans working at the USPTO, and to help educate others on the important contributions that Veterans have made — and continue to make — to the workforce and our nation at large. (This award will be given at the Veteran’s Day Event on November 10th.)
i. Eligibility. Any nominee is considered who meets epitomizes the UMA Mission. The President’s Award is chosen by the UMA President.

b. Fellowship Award – This award recognizes an individual or group that has made significant contributions in increasing fellowship and comradery among military Veterans at the USPTO.
i. Eligibility. Any full or associate member of UMA in good standing.

c. Mentorship Award – This award recognizes an individual for exceptional effort as a mentor.
i. Eligibility. Open to any Veteran who is a mentor, or to anyone who has helped to mentor a Veteran or UMA member.

d. Advocacy Award – Recognizes an individual who continuously advocates for Veterans and Veterans causes.
i. Eligibility. Open to all USPTO employees.

e. Volunteer Recognition – Recognizes outstanding volunteers with a certificate of appreciation.
i. Eligibility. Full or associate member of UMA in good standing that is not currently serving on the UMA board. Nominee must have a significant role in leading a UMA initiative or event.

f. Special Recognition – Recognizes an individual on a case-by-case basis who has helped further the UMA mission with a certificate of appreciation.
i. Eligibility. Open to anyone.

g. Prior Board Member Recognition – Recognizes board members with a certificate of appreciation.
i. Eligibility. Full or associate member of UMA in good standing that has served on the board for a full term.

h. Timeline:
i. October 1 through October 21: Nominations accepted.
ii. November 1: Nominations distributed to UMA Board of Directors for review
iii. November Board Meeting: Board selects finalists. If no one is nominated for a particular award prior to the board meeting, the board will provide nominations.
iv. December Quarterly Meeting: Awards are presented at Final UMA Quarterly Meeting.