Veteran Highlight: Tim Nesley, USAF

Tim Nesley is a Patent Examiner in TC3600 who has worked at the USPTO for the past 19 months.  He is also a U.S. Air Force veteran.  Originally from Bloomington, Minnesota, Tim was commissioned after graduating from the University of Minnesota at the age of 23 with a degree in Computer Science.   He served off and on for over 27 years until finally retiring in 2009. In all, he lived in Illinois, California, England, Texas, Kansas, Georgia, South Korea, and the DC area…and many pit stops in between.

Tim’s best memory of his time in service was when he was deployed to the Naval Air Station Sigonella on the island of Sicily, Italy in support of operations in Bosnia in 1993. Because the runway was being repaired, he and his unit were directed to move over a weekend to Istres Air Base, located north of Marseille, France and ended up standing up the first NATO operation in France since 1966.

“It was very rewarding,” he said. “I laugh when I tell others that I was on the French Riviera for three months.  However, we only averaged two days off a month.  I did manage to take a trip to Monte Carlo for a day though!”

Tim joined the Air Force to serve his nation and believes his time in the service helped him to work with people to achieve goals and objectives.

“The military was a great gig.  After I got out, I discovered what a tremendous fraternity being a veteran is.  Regardless of our service affiliate, or time we served, we are all a part of an organization that starts with the founding of our nation…and we all have stories to tell which binds us together in the service of our nation.”

Tim joined the UMA to enjoy fellowship with other USPTO veterans.  He has a son who is an Army first lieutenant currently deployed to Kuwait.  He said, “We all have unique experiences regardless of our era, service, or branch that pull us together.”

The USPTO Military Association (UMA), an affinity group whose mission is to provide fellowship, mentorship, and advocacy for military veterans working at the USPTO, and to help educate others on the important contributions that veterans have made – and continue to make – to the workforce and our nation. Membership is open to all USPTO employees, veterans and non-veterans alike.