Veteran Highlight: Texas Regional Office

Veterans from the Texas Regional Office came together to take a picture in honor of Veterans Day 2016.  It is estimated that 30-40% of the people in TRO are Veterans, although all are not in the picture.

A bit of trivia: The orange building to the left of the U.S. flag (far left in background) is the Texas Book Depository.  On the far right of that building, second floor from the top (6th floor of 7) is this window where Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated President Kennedy.  You can see groups of people meandering around in and near the road that runs in front of the Texas Book Depository taking pictures of the “X” in the road.  The “grassy knoll” is behind the box truck in one of the pictures and to the left of the Texas Book Depository.

Bravo Zulu (BZ) to Jacob Choi from TRO management for the excellent photography work and Aaron Salter for the suggestion and coordination of the picture. And a special thanks to James Miller.