VA Disability Compensation Brief

Thanks to Paul Frost from MOAA for the excellent VA Disability Compensation Brief.  Click here to view the MOAA VA Disability Brief.

Click here to view the VA Disability Benefits Questionnaires (DBQs).

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Below is a list of telephone numbers of Veterans Service Organizations (VSOs) as provided by the DC Department of Veterans Affairs Regional Office.  Click here to search online for a VSO.

American Veterans                                      (202) 530- 9230
American Ex-Prisoner of War                    (202) 530- 9220
American Legion                                          (202) 530- 9140
Blinded Veterans of America                     (202) 530- 9285
Disabled American Veterans                      (202) 530- 9260
Loan Guaranty                                              (202) 530- 9200
Military Order of the Purple Heart           (202) 530- 9240
Veterans Service Public Contact                (800) 827-1000
Veterans of Foreign Wars                           (202) 530- 9385
Voc. Rehab. And Employment Div.          (202) 530- 9150
Virginia Veterans.                                        (202) 530- 9225

Click here to read the VA Disability Brief transcript.